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II LO w Katowicach

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II Liceum Ogólnokształc±ce im. Marii Konopnickiej w Katowicach

Maria Konopnicka Secondary School No.2 in Katowice was established in 1948 on the basis of Maria Konopnicka Public School, which had functioned since 1922 with a short break during the occupation period.

Our school shapes personality, behaviour and actions of the students on the basis of the system of values and ideals accepted by the parents, the school and the society. It prepares the students to an active and creative membership in life of the region and the country.
It is a tradition of our school that students who attend it are the children of our graduates, and that grandparents bring their grandchildren to our school. It proves that our school acts in cooperation with local community and has stabilised its position being a leader secondary school in the region.
Our school has its own school banner and the school anthem with lyrics and music written by our students in 1976.
Our school has had a modern language laboratory since the seventies and students have been learning English in classes with the extended curriculum in English. They have also been learning in Maths-Physics profile classes and Biology-Chemistry profile classes.
In 1977, thanks to the efforts of our headmaster and the parents, a swimming pool and the second sports hall is built on the premises of our school.

In December 1993 our school opens the first computer lab for students of our school. It is the first computer lab at school in Katowice.
Our school has been acting in association with PK UNESCO since 1994.
It gives the school an opportunity to participate in different international programmes and projects, for example The Baltic Sea Project, Phenological Studies, Bird Counting, Environmental History.
Thanks to those programmes out school achieves a lot in the field of teaching ecology and biology. Each year our students take part in language camps organised by UNESCO in Poland.
Students also take part in international exchanges of students. They travel to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Egypt and Spain.
Students prepare projects and presentations for various conferences and international workshops and then make presentations at conferences themselves.
What deserves special attention is the fact that in 1994 the Fan Club of Jerzy Duda-Gracz was established in our school, being the only such Fan club in Poland. Till 2004 Fan Club of Jerzy Duda-Gracz acted in cooperation with the Professor, extended the education in the field of literature and arts and took care of the participation of our students in different cultural events.
The students in our school are the editors of a high quality school magazine "Rzecz Niepospolita"(awarded many times) and a magazine entitled "Evviva l'arte" which is the only teenage magazine connected with culture in our region.
Our school organises, as a part of our tradition, different meetings with the representatives of the world of culture, science and politics.
In 1998 our school celebrated its 50th opening anniversary, we were visited by 2000 school graduates from all over the world.
Because of the anniversary our school published the first school monograph and a school poster presenting our school graduates who became famous artists.
The school published two sets of poems written by our students and graduates.
The graduates and students value highly all the teaching methods, high level of educational achievements, our position in the region and in our city.
In the school year 2005/2006, thanks to the efforts of our headmaster and thanks to the help and support of the authorities of the City Board of Katowice, our school introduced and opened a bilingual Spanish class with an introductory school year teaching mainly Spanish.

The building is given for school use. A German public school (Kleistschule) is established.
Maria Konopnicka's Public school No.2 begins its activity. Józef Cieślik becomes its headmaster.
Reopening of Maria Konopnicka's Public school No.2.
Emil Kujawski is now the headmaster of the school.
the school is transformed into Maria Konopnicka's Female Primary and Secondary School.
Emil Kujawski continues to be the headmaster of the school.
Irena Wojciechowska is now the headmaster of the school
the school is given a name: IV Primary and Secondary School. The function of the headmaster is taken over by Aniela Gralakowa.
Co-educational classes start to exist.
Maria Greszczukowa becomes the headmaster of the secondary school.
The school is now a typical '11-year-long' school and is now known as Maria Konopnicka's Primary and Secondary School in Katowice. Michał Nowakowski becomes the new principal.
After a sudden death of Mr. Nowakowski the function of the headmaster is temporarily taken over by Zygmunt Surowiak. There are 19 teachers at school at that time. Also that year the secondary school becomes a separate institution under the name Maria Konopnicka's Secondary School.
the school is given an official name Maria Konopnicka's Secondary School No.2.
Experimental classes with the extended curriculum of English are introduced. Teaching English in the extended mode is still present at school. From that year on the school is perceived as a humanistic school, concentrated on teaching foreign languages. Also from that time our school is considered one of the leading schools in Katowice. The Scouts Team No.12 under the name of the Heroes of the Parachute Tower is given a banner founded by the Headmaster of the school and the Parents' Board.
The school is given a school banner on the occasion of 125 anniversary of Maria Konopnicka's birthday.
Stefania Izydorczyk becomes the headmaster of the school.
A school anthem is created. A school club 'Arkadia' acting as a part of Polish Tourist Country Lovers' Society is established.
XVI Drużyna HSPS IX "Orlęta Śląskie" (A Scouts' Team) is given a title of an official banner team.
A new sports hall is opened - it includes a gym and a swimming pool.
Iwona Sienkiewicz-Zychla is chosen in a headmaster contest to be the headmaster of the school. She gives up her function two years later.
Maria Szweda becomes the new headmaster at school.
A school ecology club 'Demeter' is established.
a voivodeship inauguration of the school year takes place in our school.
The school becomes a member of a group of schools acting in association with PK UNESCO.
A computer lab is opened. The school starts to use a special tutorial curriculum on Information Technology classes.
A Fan Club of Jerzy Duda-Gracz starts its activity.
- school takes part in the 10th anniversary of existence of Witkacy's Theatre in Zakopane,
- the school delegation takes part in Regional Schools Convention named after Maria Konopnicka
- the first abroad trip of students takes place. A group of students goes to Denmark
- the last year students take part in the religious retreat outside the region
- ecological trips to Finland and Sweden take place
- the superintendent of schools from Kiev visits the school
- the National Exam Committee by National Superintendent of schools has been established in our school for two years
- general renovation of the school is completed. It was necessary because of mining damages.
- the principal of the school Maria Szweda organises a working meeting for all principals of upper-secondary schools with the participation of archbishop Damian Zimoń. The topics of the meeting are the problems of education in the region
- students travel to Denmark, France and Sweden
- a group of students goes on a trip to Lvov and lays flowers on the tomb of Maria Konopnicka.
- the school co-organises "Salon of Literature" in Community Centre "Koszutka"
- a group of students and teachers visit Scotland and Vienna
- the graduates and the principal of the school organise the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the school's existence
- the school takes part in a session of the Education Committee of the City Board of Katowice. The meeting takes place outside the city and the host of the meeting is Jerzy Dolinkiewicz.
- the principal of the school Maria Szweda takes part in the National Conference in Rytr, near Nowy Sącz. The subject of the conference is "Regional education - cultural heritage in a reformed school."
- Fan Club of Jerzy Duda-Gracz celebrates the fifth anniversary of existence
- students visit London and Sweden
- the school holds a meeting of School European Clubs from upper-secondary schools
- students take part in the celebration of unveiling the monument of Wojciech Korfanty in Katowice
- the school community meets archbishop Damian Zimoń
- a delegation of the students and teachers takes part in workshops in Sonnenberg, Germany
- our school gets an award from the Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice for the best activities in voivodeship in the field of ecology
- first school ball in the spirit of the 1960s is held
- together with Silesian Library the school organises the Irish Day, called the Silesian St Patrick's Day
- the principal of the school, together with the teachers and students take part in the celebration of 60th birthday of Jerzy Duda-Gracz
- school delegation visits EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany
- students organise Wiedźmin's Day (one of the protagonists of Andrzej Sapkowski's books)
- the school takes part in Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy - the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
- for the second time, together with the Silesian Library the school organises the Irish Day, called the Silesian St Patrick's Day
- school holds a meeting with J. Wojtyła, the vice chancellor of the University of Economics in Katowice
- a school delegation takes part in Tadeusz Szurman's consecration and introduction to the post of the Bishop of the Katowice Diocese for the Evangelic-Augsburg Church
- the school gets a honourable in a National School Ranking for the Upper-Secondary Schools organised by the magazine Perspektywy
- students visit Sweden and Great Britain and take part in a conference in Sonnenberg, Germany
- students and teachers together with Jerzy Duda-Gracz take part in Easter Retreat
- the principal Maria Szweda takes part in the inauguration of the academic year at the University of Economics in Katowice
- the school opens a sports class with the specialisation in swimming
- students take part in International Ecology Olympics in Petersburg
- the third compulsory foreign language in language classes is introduced (Spanish and/or Russian)
- the interschool contest for the best press-, radio- or television interview on the topic of " The hopes of the Polish society connected with the European integration"
- students and teachers take part in an International Conference in Plön, Germany
- PhD Jolanta Mol becomes an international coordinator of the Baltic Sea Project
- students take part in international ecology workshops in Pori, Finland
- school organises an exhibition of family photos entitled " Cordial Souvenirs" and is a co-editor of a catalogue together with the Museum of Katowice
- students take part in an International Swimming Meeting in Germany and France
- the tenth anniversary of the existence of Jerzy Duda-Gracz Fan Club is solemnly celebrated by our school in the Silesian Library
- the school holds a meeting of Physical Education teachers and methodology experts with the vice-president of Katowice, Krystyna Siejna. the meeting summarises the sports activities at schools in Katowice and our school wins the first place in the field of sports
- school organises the Interschool Contest of Recitation of German Poetry for the upper-secondary schools in the region
- students take part in a students' exchange programme with Denmark
- the renovation of the school's sports fields is officially finished
- the Ambassador of Spain officially opens in our school a bilingual class with Spanish as the leading language
- the renovation of the schools entrance is over, we open a new modern entrance
- the unveiling of a commemorating plate of Jerzy Duda-Gracz
- the renovation of the school's swimming pool is officially finished

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